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When you are in preparation for a wedding, there is always a group of people to tell you what to do. But on the other hand, what should I pay attention? we just summarized below 10 points in order to avoid errors into the wedding.
1, do not do the thing that is important to you in a traditional wedding, you will find some of the secular and traditional things, they are not important. If you do not want it, you can cancel your flower girl, bridesmaids and groomsmen. If you think that some ceremonies seemed embarrassed, then omit it. There is no legal requirement for you to complete in accordance with certain procedures, as far as possible in their own way.
2, do not forget that feeding the hungry is the bride and groom will be beyond the imagination of big problems. Skipping breakfast can make you look slimmer on dresses? no, breakfast could be your last meal of the day, you need energy. If your stomach is not good, then eat some salty things. If at the beginning of the wedding that upset my stomach, then I am afraid that there is no time to eat. Many new busy greeting guests while away from their table. Not eating makes a man of spirit, syncope may be serious. Therefore, make sure you eat something before the wedding, try to eat in a banquet.
3, do not spend too much time for individual guests that may be difficult, but try to use less time to receive each and every guest. In the day of the wedding, there are many things you must do, toast, cake cutting and so on. If you spent a lot of time to receive guests, the time delay that you do these things, you can finally take some time to say hello to friends.
4, do not let the guests got drunk and you don't have to let the police to maintain order, but you have to remind staff of the guest safe, while giving you best pay attention to every guest.
5, do not forget the events of the wedding day will soon be spent. Arrangements will be reflected in this day for several months. Guests will marvel at your wedding dress, flowers, you prepare the sumptuous banquet for them. But in the end, all that is just a party. Wedding has a greater significance: it put two people together, live together. And on this day, try to remember one or two important moments. Find your bride or groom smiling faces in the crowd, so that in future days to come back to this beautiful memory.
6, not to other people's intentions to prepare for her wedding the wedding will be a lot of people, such as relatives, friends and social groups to your side, but more importantly it will bring two people together, live together. In your preparation for your wedding, you should focus on what they want to do, not what others want you to do. Indeed, consider the feelings of others is very important, symbolic behavior can amuse people, but should never do anything he does not like, and only to make others happy choice, arrange to do beyond their capacity to pay.
7, do not invite people who are not related to a simple truth is each additional guest is tantamount to increasing the wedding budget. If you have a limit on costs (most people), you increase the number of means to reduce spending on other. Banquet guests increase equals decrease quality. Invitation to those you care about and there are important people in your life. On the day of the wedding, you want to be warm and familiar smiles around, rather those faces you recognize it.
8, do not be late for this principle applies not only to the bride and groom, also applies to all the people who attend the wedding. Try to keep your wedding starting on time, if you are unable to start on time, and it all will be delayed. Weddings where there will be some problems, especially after you may also arrange another wedding here. If the guest is not complete, so you can't start on time, so that the waiting time should not exceed 10 minutes.
9, don't be afraid of a usually busy from the morning of the wedding began, some small problems would not necessarily found. If the problem you cannot solve, so no need to panic, let someone else solve it for you, and you just relax, keep smiling and enjoy this part of your day.
10, not too tense some brides on their wedding day immersed in the wedding desire, so that the use of sedatives, alcohol and other drugs to calm himself down, this is not good.
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