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Experts recommend: midday wedding process

You want as a prospective bride and groom wedding day schedule is reasonable, don't appear too worried or long waits, wedding arrangement can reasonably avoid these problems, take a look at Garden Hotel Shanghai wedding experts recommend you special!
--11:30~14:0008:00 total time: make-up artist on-site makeup for the bride to ensure early to bed the day before the wedding, so that next morning comb in order to achieve the best spirits and skin condition. Let the makeup artist to create a fresh, lovely bride's image.
09:30: door jieqin Groom Wedding sent to marry the rules a lot, both for big day for good luck, and be sure to do your homework.
10:30: new arrival, welcome welcoming preparations for an afternoon wedding may in the light of this advantage plus for photographers record the most moving moment. Specific time and warm mood, another couple in the photo look bright, sweet, surprisingly good effect.
11:00: implored a lawn wedding ceremony, baptism in the Sun, accept the wishes of friends and family from all sides, opening a new chapter in your lives. Wide green lawn, romantic balloon ceremony between the blue sky and white clouds, throw bouquet, rain sprinkled petals, are sure to set off another wave of guests enthusiastic.
11:30: wedding begins wedding bustle, Mr.sun won't mean it's light, open, warm the whole venue, all shining times enjoyable.
14:00: either at the end of wedding pictures in the garden (blue sky, white clouds, green grass.--the couple is like being in a beautiful private garden, far away from the bustle of the city, enjoy the childhood dreams of a fairy tale wedding ... ... ), Also can be seen directly, there are new directly on the honeymoon!
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Is the time you play you can imagine! Is a close friend to visit sweet wedding, or a private KTV and let everyone relax ... ... Plenty of time for you to arrange!
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