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Trouble 1: where and when the marriage registration? Getting married has been for some time, but not to get a card, my boyfriend and I want to on their wedding day and take, makes sense, I do not know whether?
Answer: in fact, marriage registration procedures have been simplified, to do that day like a series license handling wedding possible. Note If you want to choose "good" registration, may wish to make an online reservation.
Prepare documents: copies of booklet and 1, copies of ID card and 1, double the recent Hat Photo 2-inch color photos 3 procedures: the parties produce documents → parties to fill out the application for declaration of marriage → marriage registration office review, issue the marriage certificate
Cost: nominal fee (divided into paperback, hardcover, Deluxe, wanting to clarify) trouble 2: migration to handle? We're both natives and married really need to migrate account? I think some trouble. Don't know what documents to prepare, handle is convenient?
Answer: in principle, migrated local accounts after marriage is very easy, just follow the "human, just and reasonable" the principles agreed by the local police station after directly in the local police station.
Procedure: the original household registration plus opinions--former residence of the neighborhood family planning Office – plus – moving into the neighborhood and views into the street added – to move out of the family planning Office station moved formalities account moved out--to move into the police station.
Necessary documents: (limited to migration within the city limits) ① resident Hukou, marriage certificate, ② ③ the migration card, black couples parties of the identity card of identity photos and the migration of two pieces.
Trouble 3: pre-marital property notarization is required? "Pre-marital property notarization" often heard it mentioned, but how things are not very clear to me, always felt a little knot, do we need to do?
Answer: generally, refers to the prenuptial agreement before marriage all property "not as common property after marriage" agreement. Because of marital instability, increase in the level of personal property, both wide property, and legal awareness is growing, property notarization is acceptable to more and more people.
For locations: local notary office required documents: identity cards of both sides, units or offices to open the marriage certificate, a letter of introduction, and the property of the relevant certificates.
Pre-marriage property notarization has two forms: one is the future spouses prior to the marriage agreement, notary legalization; the second is the spouses during the marriage agreement, notary legalization formalities. Husband and wife agreed in writing before marriage property under common ownership, as well as the property acquired during marriage or their all, all or part of the common, part of all. In the notary's Office staff to find agreement.
Special Note: for marital property acquired during the relationship, as the two sides after the marriage, the common use, consumption, the management of property, making it difficult for personal property and property for differentiated and identified, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the couple, or as a couple of common joint property.
Trouble 4: need for pre-marital check? Now pre-marital checks be carried out voluntarily, because work and bother, not to so it is lazy, does everyone like me think?
A: Although currently out of protection for individual privacy, premarital examination from mandatory to voluntary, except for the married family well-being and physical health of the next generation, the couple should at least initiate. But some marriage ready for busy new hope in days not busy after marriage and then for a full physical examination, is also viable option.
How to find hospitals: General municipal hospitals have pre-marital medical examination of the project. Unmarried men and women to live in the vicinity of maternal and child health hospital consultation examination. In General, premarital examination without the need for special appointment. Proposals should be for about six months before the wedding, if found in time for treatment or correction
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