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Wedding home textiles into peak buying guide

Each year starting from October, slowly entering the peak season for sales of textile products, home textile products in recent days sales are especially good, with wedding supplies. "TAC brand hometextile near promoters told reporters that although there is less than a month before the Spring Festival, but many people get married years ago, so the wedding supplies is the best selling products these days, when business is good day selling sets of wedding supplies.
Now, bedding as interior soft decoration more attention by the couple. A unique, proportionate, comfortable bedding not only reflects the host's taste, morals, temperament, also has relax and body function. Eastern complex, European style bedding and rustic style of popular topics. The traditional and the modern, elegant and funky fusion trends for the wedding bedding sale provided a lot of gimmicks.
Professionals told reporters, although at this time is the peak season for home textiles, but consumers in the purchase, make sure to read the "real beauty" look "cheap" when purchasing home textile products, in order to avoid their hit "black cotton", 4 ways consumers can distinguish quality quilts: one is the eye. In General, black cotton looks not solid impurities, and even yarn or rag and quality cotton white color, no excessive dust. Second, the smell. No acrid smell the burning quality cotton and black cotton processing to be bleached, smell with a hint of sour, have obvious pungent odor when burned. Third hand. Quality cotton soft and elastic, and black cotton feel quite rough and without flexibility. Four are torn. In General, black cotton pull hung and top quality cotton is difficult to break.
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