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Wedding ceremony can send their gifts

Many couples want to wedding ceremonies, gave parents a gift, as a return way to thank parents. However, we are studying, what gift is appropriate. based on experience and the practical needs of living, I suggest, we can be in the following range.
I. commemorative gifts commemorative gifts are: small, parents are allowed to wear, can be placed. parents every time you see, touch, will think of their children's memorabilia.
Because children married Hou, General will left parents to separate life. from parents of angle told, children in himself side life has two. 30 years, daily work home, are can saw children, they has habits has children home of feel. and children married, suddenly left himself, on parents for, is not adapted, home no has children of figure, is empty of, heart is taste, will is Miss children. If children married, select some has Memorial meaning of items to parents, When parents see the gift when they will think of their children, which also makes parents feel more or less.
These Memorial items can is chest pendant, bracelet and so on, because these Memorial items are is personal wearing of, can let parents at any time was children on in himself of side. new can select jade chest pendant, jade bracelet. because these Memorial items of price not is your, General of new are can buy have up. in married of ceremony Shang, by himself of children personally to himself of parents wearing Shang, said with children forever and parents heart, heart intimate of wishes. this form for new, for parents, are has special of meaning.
Newcomers when selecting these commemorative items, should take into account the parents ' career, personality and other factors. for professionally, some occupations are not wearing the jewellery items ... such as soldiers, surgeons and other special industries. remember when couples choose.
Two practical articles from the age, new parents have five. more than 60 years old. life experience, make them very practical. newcomers to choose some practical things for parents. According to the family's needs, the changing of the seasons, parents ' health and economic capacity, taking into account gave parents the option.
According to season of changes, in autumn married, can to parents warm of underwear, parents wear Shang Hou, can feel to children brings of warm. price also not is your, new can accept, parents also will praised children will live. According to parents of body situation, to parents applies of health supplies, movement supplies, urged parents strengthening body of health and sports exercise. If parents is long no to tourism has, new according to himself of economic capacity, can in gold week, Domestic or foreign tourism arrangements parents. newcomers can according to the actual needs of the parents. to prepare for the more economical and practical item.
Three weight bear now many wedding ceremonies, couples sent parents weight bear. is intended to highlight the new weight at birth, mother holding child weight at birth weight bear, children who grow up watching, children will feel really grown up. will bring little comfort to parents.
The idea is very good ... but the price is a little expensive weight bear. generally in more than 300 yuan. price and value are a bit outside. If the couple wanted to spend less money, also achieve the objective of to weight bear. I recommend that newcomers can be purchased to the toy market.
Making of method is, put zip open, put inside of fill real took to, for Shang wash clean of, is himself was born Shi weight of, has package good of gravel or coarse, pulled Shang zip, on can has. is simple. If new again detailed points, can while print a copies was born of form, inside can has parents of name, origin, married of date, children was born date, blood, weight, length and so on information. himself making weight bear, not only can save money, more is a enjoy happiness of process.
Of course, if a newcomer myself properties allow, you can also select the properties with their toys, as a birth weight of toys for parents, so that more practical. for example: pigs, sheep, cattle, horses, Tigers and so on. the property There is no way processed weight toy. such as dragons, snakes and more.
Bundle of four flowers of many couples to their parents with a bunch of flowers at the wedding. expresses gratitude to parents. flowers are beautiful, send link is also very beautiful.
But from life in the of reality,, flowers is easy withered, no two days spent on dies has, also on lost has appreciate of value, will still off. a beam flowers different of season has different of price, minimum also to in 40---50 Yuan above. spent Shang hundred Yuan money appreciate two days, somewhat worth. I front also said has, parents are to has about actual of age, that on than sent points practical of Memorial items to they. comes can keep long, second can every day feel to children of on in side.
Here I would like to say one more thing, the couple at the wedding ceremony of what and what not, two people should discuss with each other, according to their economic capacity and the situation of the family to decide. do not compare, experience the gift of family, experience the gift of pleasure.
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