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Wedding games recommended in order to increase the venue of the wedding atmosphere, apart from the hall dressed in a warm, romantic, joyful celebration, also need to arrange some games to enhance the atmosphere, featured several of the following game.
Wedding game 1 friends of wedding is let groom cast Shang eyes, stage station 6 a girls, let groom find bride, results MC temporary put bride for down, for has a boys station in bride original of location Shang, results groom put this male children considered bride pulled wedding game 2 make a auction activities, by auction of object is bride of hand holding spent, auction funds is feast Shang of beer, to a cup beer for unit, 10 cup wine up took, who of number up, who have holding spent, (last to put auction have beer are drink finished have only counts have. ) Wedding game 3 is the place where the attendance was a wishing tree, hung with small cards. And let each guest write on before entering the couple's wishes.
And then in the game, that new entrants can get a few cards on the tree, and then read out the written blessing. I think this fine of, and in wedding stage Shang can do decorative, sparkling glow of wishing tree is beautiful (this guest selected of compared more) wedding game 4 MC put himself of phone, told everyone let everyone to new sent blessing SMS style unlimited ^ _ ^ directly call to phone Shang new will sent out special small gift day extraction 10 name best SMS which on including I himself of a article haha wedding small game 5 classic game: spray a flower flower need supplies: projector, mobile curtain, notebook computer, The MTV of the songs, audio connectors.
Need staff of six to eight people (young) game: groom's singing, six to eight people in the back dancers.
Dancing is very simple, as the groom's right hand when dancers reach out and say "Hey" when his left hand, he said: "Kazakhstan", the groom and his right hand two: Hey, is left hand twice haha, and so on, and finally the Act is small waves "spray flower".
First paragraph is very easy, we all very formal, while the bridegroom sing, right-hand man. One stop, for example:
I want you near me (Hey), watching the turtles swim ~ ~ () ~ ~ ~ begin slightly added some tricks in the second paragraph, heh heh, HA HA.
Guests can also participate in the following.
Had finished the last curtain call, best dance, (actually booed), best time to take.
Toast groom singing, engaged in this program and the guest is not too difficult for newcomers.
Wedding small game 6 in Bowl following posted love stick paper, each table a elected lucky then and groom and groomsmen with jumped Hi brush, or in plate following posted Hi Word, award of guest came to power to accept groom bride gift of gift wedding small game 7 temporary family completed temporary task, with two a balloon loaded full broken paper, prick two a extraction two a unmarried men and women of name, let they imitation at groom is how to bride proposed of.
Name default, well in advance.
These games simply use atmosphere to enhance the wedding venue, and if you have a better idea, so much the better.
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