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Clever response to unexpected events on the wedding

For every bride, before the start of the most terrible thing in the wedding only to find accidentally stained your own wedding, or worse yet found on the face of acne ... ... Don't worry, we'll offer wedding planning tips to relieve these small accidents.
The bride before the wedding possible and are unlikely to have access to the ink, but if you accidentally wedding dress was stained with ink. Water or detergents cleaning may be able to get rid of ink right now, but at the same time still left some marks on the clothes. Can't use bleach, because bleach will rot fabric in General, the consequences could be even worse. Looking for a clean cotton swab, spray some Hairspray on it, then use a cotton swab to gently wipe the ink stain.
If a dress stained with sweat and tears, quickly with a clean white towel and put on the clothes where wet, sucking moisture from clothes, do not use hair spray to deal with water marks. The watermark can be removed with steam iron clothes, but be careful not to burn the clothes. If you accidentally on the wedding dress on the edge of the lipstick Rouge, don't wipe or rub with your hands, as it will damage your bridal style. Can spray some soda on the stain, then sprinkle some salt water to dry, after the clothes dry, if there is a stain can be erased with white chalk or talcum powder.
Maybe wearing a brooch when he accidentally pricked his finger, blood drops on the wedding dress, which can do? the best solution is to use their own saliva stains gently rub, acid will dissolve the blood in the saliva, but must be timely, dried blood, it is not easy to clear. When buying a wedding dress should be asked on the spot cleaning method, but is best left until after the wedding to clean, this is better. If the wine or champagne spilled on the stain should be dealt with immediately, under the wedding mat towels, scrub or wash with white vinegar, then dry with absorbent paper so as not to leave a mark.
In fact, starting from home to keep the wedding dress clean is not difficult. Key is the best theme wedding plans in advance, time permitting, you should assign someone to check whether the bride will sit in car seats clean. Especially in winter or on rainy days and out of cars to be more careful, out, take the time to pick up skirt, so that it does not touch the ground, stairs or porch should be careful, you can ask for help. In addition, the static will make the wedding quickly covered with a layer of dust, so should be in a piece of linen on the floor in front of the dressing.
Brides know that even a little jump on the stockings will make themselves very disconcerting. Therefore, it is best to prepare a few spare pair of socks before the wedding. But if forgot to prepare, or prepared but not enough, don't worry, coated with a transparent nail polish bottle liquid dancing around the wire to prevent its continued to expand, so prepare a bottle of clear liquid nails is necessary, even though they don't have, maybe other women might use.
Manicured nails are accidentally cracked, it also gives you some pathetic isn't it? In a short crack immediately coated with glue, and then find a bag of tea do not bubble, tore a small piece of paper from a tea bag on the nail and wait for the glue to dry, then apply a drop of glue, such as dry, gently off the paper. And so on, until finally not see or touch the nail is not felt at fault so far.
If on the morning of the day of the wedding to find himself a bug-eye, eye drops, and then wet a tea bag with ice cold eyes, can ease the swelling of the tissue around the eyes.
Wedding predecessors may be too tight, or because the wedding favor a mess, which increases the risk of acne. Morning found a acne on the face do not despair, with similar color concealer for acne and skin cover, if it is a blackhead, it can put some powder and, if necessary, you can apply a concealer and powder, which may not completely hide your acne, but can significantly reduce the effects of acne for you.
If there is hard to remove the tattoo is not suitable for exposed, the best way is to use heavy drugs concealer to cover tattoos. Can be bought in advance of 3 colors concealer, and skin color, a slightly lighter color first, another brief 2nd color. When starting from the lightest color. The lightest concealer with a brush color smear on the tattoo, pay attention to only concealer over the tattoo, and not painted on the skin. Darker concealer is then finished, then concealer and skin the color of paint in the tattoo, and finally applying a layer of powder to go with skin colour.
If the float was late to do? believe that apart from your family and close friends no one saw you sitting outside the car, so you can leave and a drive to family members or friends of the peer. Wedding cars at the end should be waiting right outside the hotel if the car had been there, you keep looking for a good car guest give you hitch a ride. If you want to select a better approach to avoid such an embarrassing situation occurred, let your rich friends don't mean to show their cars, so that you don't have to worry about wedding dress up for rent or go home. If you encounter traffic jams, can only be used to soothe anxiety approach is to think of late be sure you're not alone. Meanwhile, to contact the hotel and rushed to prepare in advance of problems with friends explaining what had happened, the measures they want to deal with. Best and communicated in advance the day before the wedding possible time issues, and remind your guests where there is road construction. Even traditional brides always a little late, but best not to take risks. Best reserved for arrival time, or even take the time to know.
For such problems, if you encounter rain, prevention is still the best way. First, make sure your maid or driver heavy open umbrella can protect your hair. Meanwhile, in order to protect your shoes, you might as well let the groom back to dry places, or simply give up temporarily on the image boots, just remember to take them off in front of hotel.
Didn't people can guarantee day of bride must is can wearing high heels walk even run of "capable", and to tie day of wearing and temperament, and had to tie high with of ceremony shoes, day down must is tired has, no who will willing to in site a lame a turn to walk, so best select quality better of shoes, heel also should not be high, but if heel really of broken has do does? so best in wedding Qian prepared two double above and wedding match of high heels. Broken heels don't have to panic, the skirt can make it not anyone found, quietly changed ready for another double.
Wedding in the event someone was drunk, don't hesitate and don't give them any excuse to find fault, immediately asked them to return early to rest, and their taxis as soon as possible or it is a new house in the sofa. Try to avoid a drunken fight in a wedding event, say never, have a high incidence of this is at the wedding. In addition, if someone got drunk before his speech, try waking them with water or a cold shower. Don't let them drink coffee because coffee will only let an intoxicated person who is more excited and restless. Recommendations in preparation for the wedding set for itself during a wedding day schedule: and preview it again before the wedding, so much would not have happened accidentally.
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