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Ten wedding entrance idea

1 beautiful flower fairies, dancing into the venue: wedding modelled on an Oz, so the wedding arrangement and program settings are full of idyllic atmosphere. Beautiful actress turned into flower Elf, performing light dances, stepped into the Hall, and rotated out of strands of fragrant, accompanied by a unique soundtrack of Valley stream.
2 Lantern looking for couple: known as the old saying goes: "lantern is hard to find" something rare. Wedding, planning surprise new admission of parents holding a lantern, to find a good son, a good daughter-in-law, both of saying Geely, leads to the couple's second admission also let parents shine back.
3 seconds before the game, waiting for the couple: wedding the bride and groom are very popular Motorsport, used cars before the race car girl walked around holding the plate them, follow up at the wedding, "car girl" for their wedding entrance plate: 30 seconds, 15 seconds, 5 seconds ... ... Comes into play!
4 the candle of the Holy story: wedding, can create a Holy feeling quiet not belong to candles, instead of table/Candle habit, quiet flame wrap around new people, accompanied the couple in an orange March under the soft light, we all feel the warmth.
5 Wizard legend, summer night debut: the groom wearing a white dress, turned into a fairy tale Prince on stage around beside him was elven Kingdom of the elves, they would be sweet flowers into the crowd, accompanied by the groom went on stage, yarn to him, sleeping Elf Princess is waiting for someone to wake up together into the Temple of love.
6 beach wedding, awe-inspiring admission: beach wedding, since there is no fixed venue, can let you get unlimited play of imagination. Couples choose riding a motorcycle down the beach entrance.
7 the foreigner's wedding, traditional Chinese: when many foreign grooms marrying Chinese girls, like "Chinese music", eating stepped on the m Word, cross-over, in fact the appearance, in Chinese we have now also appears to be quite fresh, traditional people, after all, is one of the few.
8 among the green grass and blue sky: the wedding ceremony was held under a white tent, the couple sit lovely golf car admission for guests unexpectedly.
Retro elegant ceremony 9: retro wagon is an old noble status symbol, select the carriage entrance, feeling both romantic and luxury.
Naaman square pavilion stand 10 yarn bride: break in the wedding, the groom first admission, the practice of the bride by the father into the Hall, the bride stands on the white yarn Naaman Wai Ting awaiting the arrival of the groom.
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