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Ladies and gentlemen,
Today, I trust by the bride and groom, who married Miss XX and XX ceremony honored in this sacred and solemn ceremony, for which the bead to the wall induced by testify, a wonderful new words but feel particularly honor marriage, is a rare opportunity. &Nbsp;      ladies and gentlemen, the groom Mr xx xx, XX, for XX positions, the groom not only handsome, honest, and kind heart, well and good; not only work on serious and responsible, hard working, and assiduously in business, outstanding performance, is a talented young.
Now miss the bride xx xx, XX, for XX positions. Brides are not only pretty cute and the inner beauty of Oriental women, tender and thoughtful, not only knowing man, diligent, pure soul and reign of good financial, handyman capable, is a lovely girl.
Ancients used to say: great minds think alike. Is love is the reason is love, somewhere to fix them together. They know each other and stay together, not just God created the couple, but also to create their progeny and create their future.
At the moment, the bride and groom married couples, from now on, whether rich or poor, disease, environment, nature, and your life and soul faithful to care for each other, forever heart, grow old together in the journey of life, joy and happiness. Finally, best wishes to you both love life forever, and forever and happiness. Thank you very much!
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