80, after the wedding photography what pop

After the wedding photography is always a dream, which also highlight their personality, if you want to make your photos look alive, it may at the time of their wedding photos using ornament techniques, you can make your photos full of life, makes your photos look vibrant.
Fixed the color screens in a special way to blossoming flowers, full of personality and very nice. Are surrounded by clouds of flowers adorn the photos, full color, very flattering. Lying on top of the bride is like a fairy, and yet lovely temperament.
Light environment is fantasy photo shoots, Bridal white wedding dresses make the bride look elegant not only, also the bride over graceful posture to show it. A cluster of peach appear just right, both subtly decorated with photos and photos help to make up for the dull.
If we think that adding some elements to decorate the wedding color is too contrived, you will be in a flower garden or a romantic flowers to shoot. Real results, needless to say, smell smelling the fragrance also makes shooting very well, make the most perfect wedding photos.
Of course, in order to avoid the monotony of photos we can also use some small ornaments to embellish. For example, bridal bouquet you can select a color in the hands of very distinct; bridal accessories you can choose some pop elements, and more BACK
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