More perfect wedding photography tips

Holding a wedding ceremony must avoid to find wedding photography, wedding photography is generally included in the wedding package. Many wedding wedding camera crews is important to skill level, directly related to wedding video wedding photography and post-production, also related to the wedding company reputation. How do you want to have high quality wedding photography, let's take a look at the following tips.
1, find the right photographer. When you finally choose cameraman when goals have been locked in a few people, you can require that they each do two or three complete work for you to watch.
2, asked about shooting habits. You need to know about your cameraman filming methods and habits, you need to find your own personality traits, and then and cameraman on.
3, pick your favorite form. One way to choose your favorite, and then find a professional cameraman to turn it into reality.
4, used two cameras. No matter if you have two cameramen, was a major, one assist, two cameras must operate together, especially when the important moment at the same time in different locations when two cameras need to work together.
5, remember that you are the real hero. Wedding video and be sure to follow outstanding protagonist, other principles. BACK
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