How to do the most perfect wedding bridesmaid

Four essential according to the invitations on the site looking for clothing is one selection of dress may wish to narrow the scope targets is the atmosphere in tune with the wedding design elements.
1, the lightweight fabrics, chiffon, tulle and silk fabrics are the main, but not recommended for large areas, in terms of decorative elements adding chiffon or tulle or lace, somewhat elegant. Like supermodel Natalia Vodianova, that pink dress, much more appropriate material combination.
2, soft colors, Lotus root starch, nude, camel and other very soft colors best, white, but as little as possible. Also wore large-area soft-colored One-Piece, visually, we can give people happiness.
3, natural elements, elements such as frills, flowers can dress as decorative elements, such as a shoulder flounce, or a skirt on the dimensional flower decoration, small and elegant, romantic and introspective.
4, classic tailoring, a-or h-shaped style is more classic, at the time didn't know how to prepare, classic, never occurred. BACK
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