Marriage of traditional Chinese folk taboo

Marriage is one of the priorities. The saying goes: first married, and later career. Confucianism also makes it clear that self-cultivation, regulating the family, governing, the world order. Men must be married, stable career, people will become mature, is quite naturally be easier. Married for married, marriage is good or bad, related to a lifetime of happiness. Is everyone want to have a happy marriage. From acquaintance to hand, and son, filled with joy into the hard to come by their own marriage, was supposed to be the perfect finale for the Prince and Princess, beaming behind, if ignored the taboos of Chinese marriage custom, is likely to affect future marriage because of the small mistake away, is worth the candle, but failed miserably.
So the marriage taboos in Chinese traditional folk how to avoid? On the way marriage, should pay attention to what point?
One: time to try to avoid the taboo married married three months: in June, March and July. Traditional customs that in the lunar calendar June married bride also known as the "half moon wife" because June is the half of the year, June bride is equal to half of the bride, equivalent to former ways, easily divorced after being married couples. If the sudden death of immediate family members in the House, so the annual average should not be a wedding should not be to marriage registration, otherwise it is "life in death" offend. Lunar day of March and July is infested with ghosts. To the elders, these few special months married are not too good, so try to avoid them.
Married 3rd, accompany the bride and groom back home, known as the "door", similarly to be back before sunset on the day her husband, if it is too late, the couple at the bride's House to stay, remember not the same room, must be separated to sleep, lest it causes bad luck to the family. In addition, the newcomers had better not overnight. Newlyweds also banned any funerals within four months.
II: marriage taboo new beds of the ceremony to the Wedding Eve, groom better sleep with a teenage boy in a new bed, or made a sleeping bed of taboo, the so-called ' trapped air shop, immortal Wang also died a ″, considered to be inauspicious. The groom to the bride's family to marry the bride, the bride should cried when away from home, and crying sooner, the louder the better, this is left "head" Mong Kok home, tears and more meaning. If married in the wedding on the way another team team, this condition is called "happy joyous", will offset each other blessings, so must each set off firecrackers, or flowers to matchmaker Exchange prepared in advance by both parties to resolve. When the bride into the family, and Weng Gu and the two men as well as maternal and filial love for one should be avoided to prevent rushing.
Three: marriage orientation sites should pay attention to new bed to bed to be placed are not wardrobe and desk or any pointed object is relative. New bed also placed some of the auspicious sign items you want in bed, for example, dates and Lotus seeds Lily, means the eternal love, early birth of a healthy baby. When the bride into his house, if threshold to step over, being careful not to step on the groom's shoes. The day of the wedding until the evening before I go to sleep, no one is allowed to touch a new bed. Bride cannot meet on the day bed.
Four: the wedding things taboo all the dresses worn by brides on their wedding day, wedding dresses, shoes should be brand new, and dresses to avoid pockets, pockets can take away her money, so it's best to choose no pockets. Bride bouquets bogey selected flowers, flowers easily wither marriage taboo. If you want to choose, the best choice for even the flowers and pomegranates. Even spend it means the girl married, pomegranate means many children and grandchildren. Newlywed couplets hung also got married at the latest, married a month after going down, and when choosing a couplet, each couplet to distinguish between men and women.
Chinese upper and lower 5,000 years, above by said points is by ancestors spread down of rules ritual, may which of several items some cumbersome, some may and current of life custom not phase adapted, but heritage down of many folk, behind total has its exists of reason and truth, if wants to in marriage of process and the future of marriage life in the, everywhere left good spokesman, also is to more consider China of traditional wedding taboo, after all wedding is a need many better wishes of ceremony, such is on elders of respect, Also left good memories for future married life laid a stable foundation. BACK
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