I wonder how many Chinese wedding customs?

1. eat glutinous rice balls: the groom in the wedding before their departure, with parents and siblings and friends girlfriend eat glutinous rice balls, said goodbye, mothers feeding daughters dumpling, the bride crying.
2. endearing: the groom and the woman's family after meeting should hold the bouquet to the housing to be married in the bride, at this point, the bride's girlfriends to deliberately stop the groom, groom agreed to the condition, usually in a red envelope deals.
3. other: the bride should call parents goodbye and only bowed to the groom.
4. go out: the bride should be a blessing higher female elders to hold bamboo plaques or black umbrella went out to the car, because she won't be able to see the sun overhead, another Party hope that just like the female elders, living a happy life. (Note: the prepared bamboo plaques, and words on the sticker) 5. car: bamboo plaque be placed on the rear cover.
6. Jing fan: the bride ceremony on the front, a lucky little boys holding the fan to the bride (placed on the tray) bride give a red envelope in return. (Note: prepare a bar with two small red fan) 7. don't say goodbye: when everyone left when the woman of the House, never can say goodbye to the woman's family.
8. throw fan: car starts, bride fans should be thrown out of the window, which means not bad temper to the family's home, the little boy will fans pick up and return it to her family, her family gave a red envelope in return.
9. fire Cannon: limousines left the family to set off firecrackers.
10. touch Orange: limousine to his home from a child to meet new people who take two orange, bride to light touch of Orange, then presented a red envelope in return.
11. hold the bride: bride get off, elders shall be by the man who is blessed with bamboo plaques on the bride's head, and to support the bride entered the Hall.
12. avoid stepping on the threshold: to cross the threshold.
13. fire pots, step on the tiles: the bride entered the Hall, over the Brazier and crushed tiles.
14. into the bridal chamber: the couple sit on a bench cushion groom pants in advance, said that since both a heart and the boys in the future. There shall be no men enter the bridal chamber. (Into the bridal chamber to select set time) 15. avoid new bed: wedding day, any person who are not new, the bride not to lie down so as not to sick in bed all year round. In addition, the bed back to married Eve, looking for a teenage boy, and sleeps in the bed with the groom. BACK
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