Three generations of variations on a wedding

Farmers live at home, every year after year the most pleasing thing is to marry but while lovers. The passage of time, 60 years since the liberation, times are different, living standards are not the same, holding wedding vary. Looking back I have seen five wedding, still fresh, vivid, like era songs, as times changed interpretation of a different melody.
In 1957, when I was 19 years old, is what Chairman Mao called on national farmers ' cooperative road established advanced agricultural cooperatives, I together with his wife, an accountant, after more than a year contact, heart, love, in January 1959, dealt with a marriage license, walked into the aisle. This year is the first year of our three years of natural disasters, members eat grain on State relief, 62 food rations per person per day. Dress by State 12-foot cloth ticket per person per year. Got married, working in the County scoring sister-in-law and colleagues together for the East by the West gathered cloth ticket and made a quilt for me each got married. In the supply and marketing cooperatives torn cloth, made a new suit, spent a total of less than 200 Yuan. Wedding day she sent in a station wagon to his wife from a two-mile east of the village. Wedding only had two tables on four plates and a bowl banquet. After listening to my brother said: on the whole an occasion all cost less than 500 Yuan.
In 1983, the plenary session of newly opened the era of reform and opening up, the production team will land just land to individual households. Older son had reached the age of marriage, home built 3 new houses in the years money, spend a million in advance money, bought a few pieces of furniture and a 18-inch color television. Buy some new clothes for the bride in the county seat. Wedding day, do more than more than 30 friends and family feast, in the village at that time was more lively.
In 1985, after the reform, rural farming comprehensive development, the village collective enterprise, individuals could also work to the factory business. Farmers used to relying on ground plane using only to nearby factories to work for pay, every day has a good year after year. This year we flip back again 5 new and newly built 5 back seat. For small son decorated a House, buying new furniture and household appliances. When only a few cars in the factory, wedding day, to be fashionable, ask your friend to borrow 3 cars and vans, the bride to the wedding. Over more than 40 feast, invite family and friends to the wedding.
To say the family wedding, the scenery, the most fashionable had to say in 2007 and 2009 two granddaughter at her wedding. With the development of era and opening up brings a wealth of business opportunities for farmers, and two sons in the village a plastic mold, aluminum Windows and doors of individual factories, revenue increased year by year, family day and richer. Great granddaughter married a year after graduating from University, son to accompany her in the County bought a House, smart appliances, everything. 2009 son gave her a red the daughter at her wedding to accompany Chang-cars, a full set of new appliances. Two grand-daughters wedding is a scenery of eight red color car, wear red with flowers, in front of video car boot, long wedding convoy into the door. Marriage family after watching the video and took more than 3,000 yuan per person, according to the art wedding albums, joy and his wife cannot close my mouth. His wife said: "think of the wedding we were at that time, take a look at today's trendy wedding, it's time! ” BACK
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