Differences between modern Chinese weddings and Western wedding

My father once told me, if you want to really know another culture, you need to the weddings, funerals and baby full moon ceremony took part in it again. Unfortunately, my Chinese friends didn't give me the opportunity to experience all these ceremonies, so I didn't fully feel the cultural practices. However, the "catch-up" this is regrettable, and this month I was invited to the 5 weddings.
Until then, I have participated in a wedding, have a general impression about Chinese wedding, but this time I'm going to learn more. Remember: I'm here to talk about modern Chinese wedding, instead of the old, are talking about is a matter of personal experience and from a friend about something. China is a vast, so celebrated in different places have different ways, the wedding may be more special to be mentioned here, in Xinjiang.
Beginning of marriage marriage procedures in China initially made me very confused, because there are a lot of times, we already know a wife pregnant news, received a wedding invitation. This possibility exists in China – two have been married for a long time, but still no wedding.
In China, legal marriage requires couples to go to related government departments to fill out forms, proposed marriage application, after 30 minutes, they can receive a red "marriage certificate", and this document looks like a passport bearing the two photos--this is the beginning of a marriage.
A lot of couples took out a marriage license a few months before the wedding, in many cases, this time will be used for the new home renovation. I've seen some couples live together during this time, however, some couples may wait until after the wedding to move in together. Living together is not too much, but can explain why we have that "prior to the wedding date, already pregnant" situation.
Invite guests once the wedding, they start preparing, and invited guests. We often received invitations a week in advance, but some couples will be kindly notified one month in advance. We have indeed received many invitations were "uncertain invited"--the two men have not yet finalized the wedding date, but still want to let you know they are going to get married.
Wedding ceremony, and finally to the most interesting links. Before the wedding, at the bride's House there will be a lot of programs, but that's a completely different story could say. Whether you believe it or not, we all enjoy the feeling of Chinese wedding, eat the food, like to attend a big party and colleagues. Yes, it's a party, because they were married before the wedding, wedding entirely this part can be thought of as a celebration, a grand ceremony announced to the crowd that they had become a couple.
When we arrived at the party, usually the bride, groom, best man and the maid of honor will be greeted at the door. We often tease each other, congratulations, and sometimes will have a photo taken. Guest register sign on we will have dinner and chat with other guests, eating peanuts and sunflower seeds on the table at.
After most of the guests are seated, the ceremony began. If you put out each detail of the wedding, it would be a very boring thing, so I'm going to do the similarities and differences between Chinese and Western wedding a simpler control. As you will see, modern Chinese wedding wedding try to imitate the West, but an improvement on the basis, so as to create their own, very interesting ceremony.
1. With: at Western weddings, the bride upon admission, there will be a "loud accompaniment".
Case: in the United States, people will put a song in China, they have fireworks in the yard, I have ordered one. Sound of firecrackers was deafening, they said, so do the spirits of evil, but I think they're just like that has a loud voice.
2. With: the bride wore a white wedding dress. I think this should be a new trend in China, because of their traditional colour is red.
Different Western bride generally wore a white wedding dress bride seems to want to change as soon as possible, China that white dress! I dare to guess, that white wedding dress will stay in them for 20 minutes before, leaving a few hours after the party, they are wearing a red dress.
3. With: bride and groom sat on a float.
Different floats are usually shiny shiny in the West, and tie some balloons; China float have always been very interested in Roses. To be honest, I don't know Chinese couples will sit it out after the wedding because we never stay at the wedding for a long time.
4. With: there is a master of ceremonies at the wedding.
Different ceremonies are usually priests or judges in the West but MC is neither, because the couple is already married, do you remember? So here's the master of ceremonies without the identity. He's just a joy to all of us, his job before the feast to make the audience happy.
5. With: Western wedding will have a best man and Maid of honor.
Case: China's best man and the maid need to take MC all sorts of jokes, so much so that the bride and groom can escape "the one". In addition, they are forced to eat weird things, endure all the fun, I am unable to understand; but the best man and the maid of honor is not the West needed to do this.
6. With: Western wedding music.
Different: you'll definitely was surprised at the types of music played on Chinese wedding. I don't think they care what to sing, they only care about the love song, and hope that they are listening to. Opera for the next play. Oh, and if you've heard of it, you will understand why this music is never in the United States played on the wedding.
7. With: guests will be taken to the bride and groom a gift.
Different: Westerners generally gifts; but in China, you only need to send money, others are not. The money normally used to cover the wedding cost, but as far as I've heard, are generally difficult to completely offset the cost. BACK
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