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Wedding rush will come, ready to marry the handsome started busy and prepare wedding outfit, of course, is a top priority. But not hard to find, compared with the bride, the groom's outfit is relatively less, seems to be in addition to the suits, shirts, ties, trousers, a difficult choice. But this "old four" also are not obliged to keep the gray dark tones, how to make the "old four sets of" glowing at the wedding? Reporters specially interviewed Hailan house professionals, let him dress and groom advice.
Base color should be dignified if it is preparing for the wedding suit, best color choice of Navy Blue, black, grey, colors and generous, solemn, funerals are not only appropriate, work will also be acceptable. When several solid-color suits groom think it colors too drab, based on the colors, select change patterns such as stripes, plaid suit. But the pattern varies, such as body fat a person for wearing a striped suit, body lean people are suitable Tartan suit. Suit style of choice is based on the character from person to person. Cheerful fashion people can choose the double slit, single vent, four or five-button suit, the groom can choose three-button conservative, non-split design suit.
Matching color should be level suits, shirts, ties and match pay attention to coordination and sense of hierarchy, solid-color suits best with solid-colored shirt and tie, striped shirt with solid-colored suit and tie. Match color, tie color or color uniform and suit, and shirt color uniform, designs of the same type do not match. For example, pink shirt can match the color pink suit, but tie with blue, Brown, dark, if still in pink, it will lack a sense of hierarchy. For example, grid suit not with Plaid shirts and Plaid tie. If you're wearing a dark Plaid suits, with solid or striped, patterned shirts and ties are beautiful. Plaid Shirt and a denim tie, striped shirt formula patterned ties, although there are straight lines, but it has grain direction changes, nor dull. Prints or flower-patterned tie, preferably with solid-colored shirt, but if checked or line one, giddily.
Shirts to fit the skin since it is a festive wedding, the groom can dress himself "good", the suit must be dignified and generous, color selection is limited, but the choice of shirt colors style much. On the market this year popular colors include Orange, orange-red, Orange, pink, powder blue, yellow, and pink, more so than pink fruit colors such as bright yellow, green and so on, are very beautiful. But no matter which color to choose colors and their color contrast. Yellow face people had better not choose yellow, Brown and other colors, it will look bad. Skin on the black side of the groom had better not choose white or light colors such as pink and pretty color, contrast is too big, would look more black. If you are unsure which color is more appropriate, choose the time of day shopping, favorite clothes bright window, under your face and see if this color can "make people look good."
Polyester/cotton fabric is preferred, many people don't think cotton shirt more comfortable, this is true, but cotton shirts are very hard to handle, once hot, take a, and, wearing a little attention would be folded to go change. So, the best choice for polyester and cotton blended fabric of the shirt, the shirt well ironed, not wrinkled, yarn shirt feel same soft and delicate. As for suits, a lot of people think wool suit with 95% above is enough grades, but the suit is also difficult to take care of, pilling and wrinkling, easy to be insects, a now popular on the market 70% wool +30% polyester fabric, this fabric make suits better maintenance, and more than 70% does not affect the amount of wool suits light, thin and soft feel. At present, Hailan House launched a wedding dress for the wedding dress is black, lined with festive red, there are "happy" word patterns, pattern very well, one thousand or two thousand Yuan to buy, there are also many models of color good shirts to choose from, 98 Yuan to 380 Yuan price is very practical. According to the official, the province's nearly million Hailan stores business particularly popular this year, overwhelming trend.

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