Wedding photography in the most simple and practical eye makeup technique

Makeup, is the cornerstone of building beautiful beauty, wedding photography, it is even more important, directly decides the success of a wedding, eyes are the Windows to the soul, painting the bride eye makeup face makeup of the most important, eye makeup technique, long photography, wedding photography in Wuhan would make a summary:
Eye makeup descriptive 1, and light orbital + with color dark eyeliner this is double color eye shadow most simple of a descriptive, with more shallow of color playing end of, can makes orbital clean uniform, also makes deep first, of eyeliner color not towering; with with color more deep of color painted, color still is eye tail heavy, and eye head light; then with brush or finger gently Halo dye eyebrow bone of junction, makes transition natural.
Eye make up technique 2 + with the color of dark eyes, pale eyes head master this technique will have a very good effect, choose brown/beige, in particular at the green bean/green and other earth tones. Not eye head eye Mei side by side, still slightly Pearly pale eye shadow up the whole eye socket, and Sumi with dark eye shadow from the Center to both sides, and with the skin a natural transition. Eyes at the end of a dark-colored eye shadow to create a natural sense of depth, head light eye shadow and eye to eye reflecting the natural radiance of the Sun.
Game drawing 3, eye makeup color double color, changes in contrast to the two color "bump" together, color has beautiful personality. Two partitions painted and Dizzy make it a natural transition at the junction. Basic partitions are shown parallel, but may be appropriate when depicting the "variation", such as the upper extension to the brow bone, the lower part extends to the eye. BACK
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