2012 wedding company marketing method of different levels

Before today's wedding market we may have a wedding in the wedding market in accordance with the operating results of the company according to the categories-a, b, c-d serial number.
Methyl class wedding company: this wedding company scale big, practitioners time long, practitioners time in 10 years around limited, this class wedding company Foundation thick, market develop surface wide, this class wedding company by truth Shang told, even is one years two years within not profit or slightly loss, also lost of up, here wedding company 2012 up of possibilities is earned not more money, as long as boss willing to insisted, at least no failed of runs.
B class wedding company: this class wedding company opened time not is long, some also opened has years, related wedding equipment and props also are buy align has, market running has has must of improvement, earned has several money, but not many, suddenly encountered now this climate and peer malicious competition, many reasons, market atrophy, turnover sharply fell, encountered several business, was service groups is not willing to money, has good of equipment family without, what cheap select what, several wedding do down are earned enough drink Cup good tea of costs This business the most testing half dead, I call this State is called "chicken ribs", (tasteless but wasteful) continue to earn less money, switch, a little pity. I am now apart from a mouth no, this embarrassing experience was when I used to do business with first-hand experience, and his people need to eat, to pay, House to rent, old cow fell in the trap has the strength to play out old business profit does not go on, the most worried is the boss.
I encountered awkward friends advice is here:
Think calmly, relocate, change management idea, to look for another way, adhere as much as possible. First consideration is based on the actual situation, doing wedding society on the basis of multiple legs, 51, plenary, on new year's day and spring festival periods, a marriage sure to appear on the market peak, the other time to do other business, to make up for losses caused by bad wedding, is a very good solution. Perhaps some owners fit this shelf that I open a wedding company boss, reduced to lead employees of stalls on the streets, and see my face to put there? If this sort of idea, I can only say that you have not reached the realm of a true businessman, businessman was there money to drill there, this is the firm's rules, lose what people? No shame! The transformed their businesses will have to change business concepts if they are too conservative, too mechanical, is certainly not. Don't think I cackle here is small, General wedding really people really can do and let go of the shelf are rare.
C wedding company: this type of wedding company started last year or the year before, the market is still not fully learn the ropes, have had the experience of holding the wedding for the couple, also took a few live wedding market is not fully open, market market, business without experience, to power is lacking, the wedding 2012 how to operate? On this wedding company I of recommends is: strengthening learning, strengthening wedding market of research, increased publicity efforts, modestly for advice, don't blind expanded business positions, capital preservation business for best, I dare assertions: like this class wedding company, if you where geographical wedding company has saturated of State Xia 2012 years of business certainly will compared difficult do, money of possibilities is small, if somewhere wedding career just started, wedding company rarely, that on the matter has, casually open a wedding institutions are can money, Not within what I talk about topic areas today. This many different types of situations, itself is a veteran wedding wedding company the boss man, they sure know how to do, if you are the head of the company itself and a layman, but also just to participate in this market, the challenge for this wedding will be more severe. Best of strategy is first hired a knowledgeable of industry understand, to pointing pointing for Shang best, remember to found real of wedding understand guide only line, if find a "half bottle" mentor, blind guide a pass, has may more guide loss more big, encountered that is not responsible of people: "to wants to earned money will voted big cost, to more good morning equipment, make big scenes" flickers family suddenly investment many money, what are buy up has, then also is business didn't open fire, is equal to put family to pit Daihatsu has, Could people have done when close to pay 10,000 pieces, is able to bear, you blind guides, they suddenly lost more than 200,000, and also loans, which do not equal to ruin people's life. I side on has this "blind II Uncle", encouraged family open gym Shang this equipment Shang that equipment,, family what are listening to has, what are buy align has, end business also is recession, "blind II Uncle" escape regardless of has, if decided a items business success of concept on a article or two article obvious of "objective" conditions Shang, that on not called business has, business is door advanced of learned. If I had to start a wedding business, I can't bet on 100% must be a success. A person's ability, and the market as a whole, the disparity between the two was quite different, individuals will never yield to the market.
Group d wedding company: company opened less than three months or opened within three months of the wedding company I belong to this class, good market prospects preconditions, inevitable collapse every day in the market or a new company is born, this is the market law of metabolism, are objective, anyone with the will to control and transfer.
Next, I just want to pass my personal blog to those who want to get into the wedding industry is planning or operation of some individuals mature advice to friends: looking good market, if your local wedding company rarely, a gap in the market, could have ventured into this industry and has a bright future. If local wedding industry has development to has serious saturated of point, has appeared has serious of competition scenes, I recommends also is to think twice then behavior Shang best, now market Shang road so more, dry what are as money, does not must to than open wedding company money less, why put with better of project not to do, non-to do has race of bleeding of market in squeeze.
II: really to open wedding company, first to avoid open wedding company old mode for concept most worth attention, that think acquisition several champagne Tower, buy several block curtain pulled Shang several Zhang red carpet on can open wedding company has of idea is somewhat obsolete has, today wedding market, wedding concept changing,, you what are according to traditional of mode put House buy align has, not popular has, white has wronged money, to has ahead consciousness, high, vision of vision, party has may in this market Shang stand heel, health development.
Three: 2012 wedding market in China will remain along the "wedding culture" this way to brand development, into wedding culture, boutique wedding brand wedding, innovate ways can't be wrong. The business philosophy is embodied in practice, it would need new joined the wedding people learn, study, summary, as long as they have a certain amount of wedding culture, cultural knowledge, to control their enterprises to the formal wedding going on. If the direction is wrong, doomed to fail or be out of the market, just a matter of sooner or later.
Wedding website Internet marketing strategy with the improvement of people's living standards in recent years, spending more and more of the general public with regard to marriage and wedding industry is formed this huge industry, because of the low barriers to entry, leading wedding company number, competition has become increasingly fierce.
Advocacy issues to consider in a wedding company, especially for the company just entered the industry, because of the lack of accumulation, is particularly important.
Wedding traditional marketing methods is to seize the hotel resources, expanding the Studio and do their own culture.
For the wedding of the century-old company wants to do, be sure to hold the resource of hotel, the base for business expansion. With this base, has expanded the celebration of many businesses, such as meetings, birthday parties, sports clubs, and so on. Many ways to occupy the hotel resources, not discussed here.
Expanding the Studio business, fundamentally grasp the potential customer's resources. And close cooperation with the Studio. If the wedding do it yourself Photo Studio, is not a difficult thing, difficult lies in the traditional wedding company bosses have the courage to do it. If it still took years of patchwork operating Photo Studio, that surely will stand still.
Wedding business, it is necessary to research wedding culture. Strengthen their study and research, deepening the wedding company culture, make wedding culture wedding company the first elements of the brand.
Traditional forms of advocacy is a wedding for a long time, but with the development of the Internet, wedding company staff is younger, higher degree of acceptance of the network, most of the wedding in this piece of publicity started to attach importance to the network, this form of low cost and high return, and many wedding firms will specialized recruitment network this block to be in charge of network marketing.
The wedding how to network marketing? I think major needs to do two things, one is the website, the second is Internet marketing, one is based, is the key.
, Website wedding websites should be how to build? the author views: optimization of targeted content + right = good user experience. Wedding company of website content must to has targeted, dang new a open on can see himself wants to see of content, see has himself interested in of content Hou, to can convenient of for phone or online advisory, because now of new are hope himself of wedding is unique of belongs to himself of wedding, all set a wedding custom table single submitted is often necessary of, and as success case also essential. I also many wedding planning website, which, as for the other site construction details, there is no detail.
Second, Web site promotion 1. Forum promotion: in some of the more well-known locally, the popularity of the Forum to promote, especially more targeted forums, publicity would be more effective, such as Chongqing, Chongqing, Chongqing, Q bar, wedding community.
2. corporate blogging: building corporate blogs, especially practical for temporarily without website wedding company, need to be aware of is the blogging platform of choice and blog updates, very important.
3.QQ Group promotion: join the QQ Group or set up your own local couple married QQ Group, were joined by more local new, these are your potential customers, how to become a QQ Group of activists and event sponsors, you need to rely on your ability to communicate, in addition, QQ Group of mail is also a good means of publicity.
4. interactive community of Baidu: here mainly refers to the Baidu several important products: namely, Wikipedia, know and posted it, as we all know, their weight in Baidu is extremely high, reasonable use of these three Baidu's product can take punches, there will be unexpected gains.
5. local portal Web site promotion: find local wedding websites advertise or work activities, is in good form, because the well-known Portal Web site, the cost will be much higher, in addition, establish a good working relationship with the prominent local wedding media, but also give you unexpected surprises, because in general they have pretty much new resources. Like many wedding network will join the business promotion, including exhibitions, and so on, some time ago, a friend, run jointly with the wedding company held "perfect bride" network popularity contest, wedding company and site of double benefits, so why not.
6. search engine optimization: online about this a lot, I here a few points: first of all, to choose the right keywords, followed by title description concise and keyword corresponds to, and Web site content, structured, clear within the chain, and finally enhance the Web site outside the chain, do not demand too much, just fine.
7. bidding advertising: here said of bidding advertising main refers to Baidu and the Google advertising, this is currently pretty more wedding company used of publicity form, Baidu and Google in advertising set performance Shang has difference, all in set bidding advertising of when everyone also to note, addition, in set advertising Qian more see other of advertising content is what, himself of title to how wrote, description to how wrote, is targeted, after all money with has, on must to has effect, For invalid clicks of auction ads cannot be avoided, of course, there are bound to be part of the cost is wasted, this requires businesses to measure and hold their own.
Network marketing above describes how the wedding company some preliminary, of course, in actual use will be adjusted according to the actual situation of the company, including online and offline how to combine, how reasonable to put their advertising costs and so on. BACK
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