Issuance of new notes for the red envelope

Who among the wedding day to give red envelopes?
Wedding day is different because local customs, to whom red envelopes is not the same, some examples here are for reference only, after all, is not the same all over.
1, pick up the new bed, hanging curtains of red packets (must be an even number).
2, open the red envelope some.
Boy, 3, presses give (at least 100).
4, if you have a band, and that everyone will give a red envelope.
5, two important younger people, such as her sister-in-law brother-in-law, sister-in-law brother-in-law shifted to money.
6, your parents have shifted money to the other party is a large number, such as 10001 and 9999.
Men should prepare some red packets given to groomsmen or bridesmaid prepare when the man or the woman's relatives and friends have objections, you should immediately take out red envelopes to each other and said: "this etiquette is less clear, if there are faux pas, replaced by the red, bear with me. "
Red envelopes to the "package"?
The first man who's friend's wedding the most worry about is red the "package", right? Is odd or an even number? What bag does it work?
Gift of as much as 1, and worked closely with the couple's relationship is proportional to, simply, good send more.
2, even the most popular color 6 and 8 that Geely even the most popular, such as 888, 666. Failure to do so is every even number, after couple of even numbers is also acceptable, for example, 588, 366, 288. If you have to send in the singular or not, for example, 333, taking nine of 33 see, forever.
3, and "students package" pattern more if you is one students, also no economic strength, friends wedding days and had to to, author on for students provides two species "students package": a is "100+50+10+5+2+1=168", that with 100 Yuan, and 50 Yuan, and 10 Yuan, and five Yuan, and two Yuan, and a Yuan notes package into of "168" gift another a is "100+50+20+10+5+2+1=188", that in "168" based Shang again plus 20 Yuan notes of "188". The two packet method is both affordable and pleasing color.
Red envelope: how much will fit, everyone has a different point of view, the most important thing is to coordinate expression of relationship with their economic strength. BACK
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