Teach you 3 ways to take wedding photos

Now generation couples like unconventional and unique, take wedding photos can not be fashionable, also derived from personality photos. Personality photos shot with traditional photo shoot or there is a difference, if people want to make beautiful work, the three preparatory work must be done well.
1. photography:
New overall shape affects the overall visual effect, especially the bride, at the most beautiful moments still have to rely on external decorations. Typically wedding photographers services package includes makeup and hair design, will work with hair salon 2. wedding dresses:
Usually the wedding, the bride needs a white, two sets of evening dress cannot be missing, dress is divided into old and new, prices also vary, more expensive new white yarn, if there is insufficient budget, unable to pick new also to choose XF.
The groom, usually there is no problem, provided in addition to suits and dresses, to pay attention to other accessories, such as tie, knots, bags of medium. In addition, a complete range of services also includes bridesmaids or groomsmen dress? Picture day can change a few dresses and wedding dresses? Information about these is that you can ask your bridal shop.
3. Design:
In wedding photography emphasizes diverse today, taking pictures is no longer just a formal record of the moment, now, wedding photography from indoor to outdoor. Fee for you to consider is its combination of scenery, props, outdoor photography involves photographing the site, usually many couples like to far away places, in fact, as long as the venues for does not necessarily run to come all this way, spend time and energy, not to mention the bride to look coy, pashansheshui, beautiful women are inevitably affected.
New fixed hair, then by the bridal shop's stylists in photos before making changes.
Actually on to China wedding photography industry of development,, in constantly surge of competition zhixia, now regardless of in photography or service aspects of business are has to professional and full of of trend, as consumers except to understand himself of needs zhiwai, also can more reference industry who of views, told other you of requirements, each other for communication to let other for you of needs provides best of service, reached best of tie. BACK
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