Newcomer how to create the perfect wedding invitations

1. writing requirements writing invitations of when, must to reflected out new people of sincere and respect, many new are select himself handwriting fashion personal photo shooting, cannot with any nickname nickname or is name of abbreviations, if please of a home people, on wrote Shang full Fu, if please of is couples, on wrote Shang double Fu, if please of just a people GAY male comrade, on only wrote Shang full name voting, but do don't wrote typo and character, such is not courtesy. If relatives, can be added behind the town, such as xxx, uncle.
2. style of select usually situation Xia, new people will select printing company ready-made of invitations style, such not only province Shi save money, and errors of opportunities compared low, if new people wants to himself please people design, can first do a sample, or will himself of took of wedding do for sample, then handed printing company printed, but in for zhiqian must requirements printing company first printed a real of sample, good check errors. Poor printing invitations from first draft to pick up good one month's time, because you have to send out a month before the wedding invitations, so new people will start two months before her wedding invitation design.
3. after after invitations invitations, the couple may use the phone or text message notifying guests feast of the time and place, on the one hand to make sure guests can attend, so you a picture of the number of weddings is also, at the wedding feast of choice can have a very good budget, friends and can also take the opportunity to communicate your feelings on the other side. BACK
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