Women of rational jealousy to a marriage fun

Review: we are all very familiar with the "envy" the emotion and jealousy caused by anxiety, irritability, pain, anger, and more people miserable, so jealousy is the mental health of "killer". Jealousy is divided into two kinds, envy is rational and irrational jealousy.
What is rational, rational jealousy jealousy? If you want to maintain a permanent link with someone, but because of your love for somebody else to pay the interest, you so worry about your own relationship with him, then you make a rational jealousy.
For example, someone you love may wither, but alienated from you, you will lose the chance to get along with him, or his own, from here, you can prove easily, they will leave you alone. In every way, you will suffer, so you won't like the feeling, then you have serious frustration, envy is rational.
Feelings of jealousy are common feelings, even love each other deeply, because of an event, either will be jealous. Jealousy will not cause you to adopt the extreme approach of rational, emotional problems you encountered when you would love to manage, which means that his love, with perfect love chained to each other.
Two, irrational jealousy of others feelings after a certain feeling of unease, will adopt extreme tactics, like Sherlock Holmes to find out each other's clues, or eavesdrop on each other's phone, or looking at each other's messages, or even sent after each other. These extreme tactics not only unhelpful to solve the problem, but will accelerate the collapse of you cherish family, which comes from "irrational jealousy." Jealousy is irrational thought patterns usually include the following:
1. "my marriage, must be guaranteed, reassuring each other only to tempt me, and treat me with endless love. "
2. "if I didn't love the enchanted objects, I'm bad, something that I absolutely can't stand. "
3. "If love heart on someone else, then I'm not. "
Life, including feelings, fundamentally there's nothing guaranteed, love is not all marriages, marriages are a way of life, no one will love you forever. Words and emotions to Exchange each other's loyalty, there is no practical purpose. What about the loyalty of the how to get a marriage? You have to try with all my heart, and create a can only accommodate your intimate partner relationships, and this close relationship very well, so let your partner won't want to establish the same relationship and others, and also very pleased to be with you.
Three or four modes of rational jealousy jealousy as an emotion, you don't have to destroy it, but make your own rational jealousy, and slowly overcome irrational jealousy, or envy into rational and irrational jealousy. Jealousy is rational thought pattern is as follows:
1. I very much hope that you are able to stay by my side, and I was the only one, but I have no reason to ask you to do, or limit yourself to only one favor--I'm desperate for you of course, but you don't have to be like this.
2. I love you so much, love you alone. But you don't have to return me with endless love. I certainly hope you do, but you don't have to be like this.
3. If you leave me, or like a totally different person, I certainly would be very miserable. Once things really happen, I will unconditionally accept yourself.
4. If you don't just treat me the way, I will not condemn you, instead I will understand your feelings and motives, and with love to touch you, let you love me more.
Rational jealousy can save themselves a lot of emotional distress, and activate your deep feelings in the most touching part of the make your relationship stronger and happier. BACK
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