How to find the right wedding?

1, why marriage ceremonies?
How to find the right wedding? Getting married is a big thing in life, every person to do the bride and groom will carefully arrange every detail of your wedding day, you have to respect, up orientation, enthusiasm, courtesy and thoughtful and orderly, so all the guests had to wait and, satisfied, this is not an easy task. All of your arrangements is a Pearl, and master of ceremonies is to put them into a necklace of red lines.
2, anyone can be a master of ceremonies?
Your elders, leadership, friends, co-workers, celebrities can be a master of ceremonies, in addition to your trust in their personality, they should have the appropriate level of, because you can't come back again. If they don't have the MC proved their level, you'd better not take his life events as a test. Professional master of ceremonies is a more secure way.
MC 3, what style is right for you?
MC has a variety of styles, dignified and generous, passionate, funny, tender euphemism, is different. What kind of master of ceremonies should be left to your preference, the scenes of the wedding, guests to the high or low.
MC 4, what level is right for you?
MC battles, what kind of scene to deal with and very professional. If you are a pursuit Park full of people, looking for him, Yes. MC young, warm and generous, spoke fluent, as long as there is a certain experience, moderate price, also pretty good. If you really don't care ceremonies and care about the price, people can just debut.
5, Marshal of what costume suits you?
MC looks and style, but with the two of you. Can't you two are so beautiful, nor than the two of you are too ugly, standing almost on the can. MC is a green leaf is not a mirror.
6, when master of ceremonies?
1, 4, 5, 9, got married in October, usually two or three months in advance booking, good day, good master of ceremonies earlier. Other months, should also be at least two or three weeks in advance on a good MC, to give yourself time to make preparations. Read >>> marriage dates help you pick 7, find the MC say?
Your request to the master and asked him to wedding arrangements. Each MC practices vary, some open, some half-session, minority audience. Some singing, and some will be singing, and some will be mobilizing all the guests in the game, personal strengths are different, having to program all but for the thoughtful arrangements.
8, the last do?
MC recommendations and outcome of your discussions must be in writing. Things to do on your wedding day, be sure to prepare, not wedding dress ran home to find something on the late 9, on the duties of the wedding:
1, 3 days before the wedding before meeting new wedding planning listings, wedding day schedule, clothing/supplies/new table for wedding under the comprehensive preparations go smoothly.
2, tele-co-ordination in open court play a co-ordination role, visiting venues, sound layout, seating arrangements, treatment-related clinical changes and final decisions to help the wedding held smoothly and on time.
3, procedures and arrangements for the wedding Schedule final follow-up, made the whole process more smooth and clear.
4, hosts the last dress rehearsal to assist newcomers to make the final dress rehearsal, so that when the official ceremonies with confidence.
5, hosted pre-dinner arrange for bands to join newcomers welcome (violin) shooting program/other rituals, enhance the atmosphere and order the scenes.
6, presided over the opening prologue announced the wedding began, introduced the couple and Minister, welcoming and blessing.
7, presided over the ceremony to help the couple conceived the speech to help newcomers generous pouring out their hearts.
9, designing new games according to the aspirations and needs of the couple, designed to play new games, music tracks, magic, all tailor-made, Kai, great atmosphere.
10, design and special effects such as the airing of giant Tom Thumb, fluorescent soap bubbles, colorful balloons and so on. BACK
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