1880 about romance package

1880 about romance package

1. bridal bouquet flowers, groom boutonniere, a wrists, parents four, Bridal brooch corsage four;
2. wedding yarn Naaman set the background, lighting, artificial flowers WD;
3. the three arches of flowers yarn (Lily, Roses);
4. road sign six flowers (lilies, Roses);
5. flower decoration Crystal candle holder, lighter flowers;
6. the main table flower pot;
7. greeting cards decorated with fresh flowers;
8. the reception table yarn Naaman decorate flower pots;
9. color chasing light 1200W (professional lighting engineers are responsible for);
10. two-wheel remote control big bubble machine (person in charge);
11. Ella wedding professional supervision of one, responsible for site supervision and co-ordination work;
12. wedding writing: wedding planning books (processes, planning, time, details of arrangement), tips, wedding, guest speeches reference;
13. the wedding day celebration Fireworks six;
14. ten sheets of beautiful table cards;
15. ban spent two baskets of flowers;

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