6680 Aegean Sea packages

6680 Aegean Sea packages

: wedding car decorations

1,   wedding car decoration: luxury car flowers decoration;

2, Deputy art decorated with fresh flowers, flowers to vehicles;

3, exquisite bride's bouquet two (internal and external), flower head group, wrist spent two, brooch 12;

II: the wedding arrangement

1,   European-style veils, background layout set, lights at the bottom five, and design unique photo WD;

2,   flowers before lighting the background column of five;

3,   Deluxe a half a packet of flower arches (character decoration, decoration);

4, the new circular ceremony flower Pavilion (the new 2012);

5,   flowers, red carpet district eight Deluxe road;

6,   flowers set the main table (two high and low glass decorations);

7, the main decoration of tables and chairs back flowers, yarn;

8, flowers to decorate the Western candle holders;

9, nice BBQ one (flowers);

10, flowers to decorate champagne brand stereo fluorescence a pair;

11, the blue fluorescent liquid bottle (Deluxe bottle dress + flowers);

12, greeting cards decorated with fresh flowers (new unique photo KT plate);

13, set the background of photo veils, (bottom two reflector lamps);

14, before flowers post two pictures background;

15, cake knives, glasses glasses decorated with fresh flowers, microphone flowers;

16, exquisite reception table arrangement flowers level cups two sets, curtains, lighting, decorative, festive decoration;

17, the couple signed a scroll personalized custom one, sign in to two;

wedding red carpet 18, 20 m;

19, the free use of two sets of bridesmaid dresses;

festive Fireworks ten 20, the wedding day;

21, delicate lace ring pillow, Lacy basket;

written materials 22, wedding: wedding planning books (processes, planning, time, details of arrangement), tips, wedding, guests such as speech reference;

three: the lights of people and equipment

1, large chasing light 1200 Series two (professional staff);

2, double remote controlled bubble machine two;

3, rotating Daisy lamp table;

4, full-time steering one love wedding, responsible for supervision and coordination;

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