8880 full House package

8880 full House package

, Wedding car decoration, site layout:
1. Wedding car decoration: luxury car flowers decoration, Deputy art decorated with fresh flowers, flowers to vehicles.
2. Exquisite bride's bouquet two (internal and external), flower head group, wrist spent two, corsage, 12 petals basket
3. European-style veils, background layout, design unique photo WD;
4. Background lighting at the bottom five;
5. Backgrounds flowers before lighting column five,
6. Deluxe a half a packet of flower arches (character decoration, embellishment);
7. Red carpet district six luxury flowers road;
8. Flowers Pavilion a four corners (corners decorated with fresh flowers, Star light embellishment);
9. Flowers set the main table (two high and low glass decorations);
10. Main tables and chairs back spent flowers, decorative yarn;
11. Flowers decorated Western style candle holder a;
12. Nice BBQ one (floral);
14. Flowers decorated the ceremony back sand combo set
15. Greeting cards decorated with fresh flowers (new exclusive photo plate);
16. Set the background of photo veils, (two reflector lamps);
17. Photo background flower before the column two
18. Cake knives, glasses glasses decorated with fresh flowers, microphone flowers;
19. Exquisite reception table arrangement flowers level cups two sets, curtains, lighting, decorative, festive decoration;
20. Chasing lights luxury 1200 Series two (including professional operators);
21. Two-wheel remote control bubble machine, one Taiwan;
22. Wedding day celebration Fireworks six;
23. Exquisite lace ring pillow, Lacy basket;
24. Love wedding professional supervision one, responsible for site supervision and co-ordination work;
25. Wedding paperwork: wedding planning books (processes, planning, time, details of arrangement), tips, wedding, guests and other speech reference
26. Basket of flower petals and lace basket;

Two persons:
1. Makeup: experienced makeup artists, makeup free trial, full with the makeup.
2. Video: HD digital video cameras, DVD production editing, full shot.
3. MC: professional wedding, interactive session talent show. BACK
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