22800 eternity diamond package

22800 eternity diamond package

, Wedding car decoration:
1. Marry car flowers decoration, car decoration, car decoration;
2. Bride bouquets spent two, both wrists, groom's boutonniere of two, parents corsage four groomsmen bridesmaids brooches eight;
3. Guest brooch 12;
4. Lace wedding day petals basket
Second, full career senior makeup artist with makeup a name:
1. Free design, try makeup;
2. Bride wedding day accessories
3. Gifts, mother makeup, makeup groom and bridesmaids makeup (not including the hair);
Third, the senior cameraman full with two (two-seat):
1. HD digital video cameras, DVD production editing;
2. Free production MV album;
Four, senior photographer full with a name:
1. Professional digital camera, filming over 500;
2. Intensive PS 60, burning discs;
Five, the Gold Medal ceremonies throughout presided over a name:
1. Together with free, wedding day dress rehearsal;
2. Wedding site interaction, talent show;
Professional equipment and props, scene six:
1. Professional audio two, Mike two, professional sound control officer a name
2. Two series 1200 moving head lights, professional operator;
3. LED par light dyeing 12;
4. Strobe lights, one Taiwan;
5. Large chasing lights of two professional staff members
6. Two large double bubble machine (air prop);
7. Series 1200 fog machine (air prop);
8. Projector with two 100-inch screen;
Seven, the Ballroom layout:
1. Stage set up 3.6 m x X6 m, laying new carpet;
2. T build 1.5 m X15 m, laying new carpet;
3. Theme painting the stage background 6.5 X3.5 m (including design);
4. Runway flower road on both sides of a square cylinder (Roman style) with eight;
5. the Ballroom door and lintel decoration;
6. Flower arch: a half a packet of flower arches, light, gauze curtain decoration;
7. new round Princess ceremony Pavilion;
8. Main table decorations: glass flowers set (c);
9. Flowers to decorate champagne brand stereo fluorescence a pair;
10. Blue fluorescent liquid bottle of champagne (bottle Deluxe suit pair);
11. candlesticks: personalized flower decorated Western style candle holder a;
12. nice BBQ one (floral);
13. the Ballroom door knob personalized flowers to decorate the eight, sign, photo ornament:
1. Exquisite reception table arrangement flowers level cups two sets, curtains, lighting, decorative, festive decoration;
2. Greeting cards decorated with fresh flowers;
3. Background sign in the photo area and background three garlands, flower column two lighting decorations;
4. the welcome sign inkjet wall a pair, 3X2.5 m tall, (with design);
Nine, other (free):
1. Sign in one, check two.
2. Festive Fireworks six;
3. Free use of exquisite lace ring pillow;
4. Free use of exquisite lace basket two
5. Glasses glass flower decoration;
6. Cake knife decorated;
7. Guest seating cards 30;
8. Booking free bridesmaid dress four sets;
9. Free roll up a;
10. Opening tips video (animation or star version);
11. Love wedding professional supervision one, responsible for site supervision and co-ordination work;
12. Wedding paperwork: wedding planning books (processes, planning, time, details of arrangement), tips, wedding, guests and other speech reference
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