13900 classic package

13900 classic package

: Wedding car decoration
1. wedding car decoration (six), the main car models optional;
2. the supplementary character art two pots of flowers decorating, with flowers;
3. the bride holding flowers two (inner and outer), wrist two groups, grooms corsage into two groups, other corsage 20 groups;
Two: wedding site layout
1. Wedding deluxe continental yarn Naaman set the background, bottom with spotlights, exclusive of offbeat WD;
2. Background new spherical flowers before column three;
3. Roman arch at the entrance set;
4. Six Roman flower road (with lighting);
5. main desk flower pot (double);
6. flowers Crystal candelabra;
7. beautiful BBQ flowers;
8. flowers to decorate the new fluorescent champagne tower one;
9. luxury bottle dress blue fluorescent liquid bottle;
10. beautiful circular ceremony flower Pavilion (the new 2012);
11. the new guidelines on name or photo on a pair, add flowers;
12. the reception table flowers to decorate, yarn Naaman and lighting layout, with fine furnishings, new photo frame set;
13. under the background of new welcome (with lighting);
14. welcome back a Deluxe style;
15. cake knife, wedlock glass flower decoration, microphone flowers;
16. new wedding guide license + flowers to decorate a;
17. elegant ring pillows a;
18. wedding writing: wedding planning books (processes, planning, time, details of arrangement), tips, wedding, guest speeches reference;
19. wedding day celebration Fireworks eight;
20. wedding table cards 30;
21. the marriage room two pots of flowers;
22. the lace flower baskets and petals basket
23. bridesmaid dress four free;
24. the opening wedding tips video free (Star version, the animated version);
25. wedding figure making a pair of seats;
Three: the lights of people and equipment
1. large chasing lights two (professional lighting engineers are responsible for);
2. two-wheel remote control big bubble machine (person in charge);
3. Steering one love wedding professional wedding, responsible for site supervision and co-ordination work;
4. the professional stage audio set (Ella professional sound engineer full control);
5. the projector (Special playback);
6. t building 12 meters X1.2 meters wide and long bag brand new carpet;
7:T centers separated by main wedding color sateen tiling;
8: responsible for the stage hotel package brand new carpet;
4:4-Donkey Kong:
1: love is Chief camera a name: wedding with more than 10 years working experience, HD digital video camera, MV post-production, disc two.
2: love principal photography one: Nikon D700 camera, take not less than 500 digital photos, select take picture 60 picture PS design. Select take picture 40 picture making beautiful photo album 1. All digital negatives, burn a DVD disc.
3: Chief with the makeup of the loved one: bride makeup for more than 5 years work experience, international brands of cosmetics, exquisite accessories, gifts bridesmaid and mothers makeup makeup, makeup groom.
4: senior Marshal of great reputation one: meeting and communication, wedding planning, wedding rehearsal, talent show, in advance, to observe ceremonies presided over the scene.

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